The manufacturer is not responsible for improper installation of panels on the wall, and complaints regarding the product size and colour after installation will not be accepted. Purchasing the necessary number of wall slats from one production batch at a time guarantees repeatability of coloring and grain.


  • Before starting work, carefully measure the room, calculate the area to be covered and purchase the right amount of panels and mounting glue or mechanical fasteners (screws), depending on the chosen installation method. Before the final application, we recommend laying a trial pattern on the floor or drawing guide lines on the wall.
  • Before attaching the panels, all surfaces should be load-bearing, dry and clean – free from dust, paint residues, anti-adhesives and lubricants. Any unstable coatings should be removed.
  • If you install the panels on the ceiling, check the load-bearing capacity of the structure. When installing a large number of panels, remember to always connect them to structural or other elements that strengthen the structure.


  • Prepare the installation tools: pencil, spirit level, ruler, knife, mounting glue and glue applicator, and precision saw for wood cutting.
  • Carefully unpack each panel from the packaging so as not to damage the product.
  • Before you start the installation, you can draw guide lines on the wall.
  • Cut the panel to the required length using a wood saw or commission this service.
  • Clean the panel gluing surface with a dry clothto remove any dust. Apply the glue sinusoidally or linearly in several strips every 50 cm, maintaining a gap from the edge of the panel, so as to avoid the glue flowing outside the panel.
  • Put the panel in the required place and press it firmly against the surface. If needed, during the 10 minutes after attaching the panel to the wall, you can adjust its position by sliding it horizontally without it tearing off.
  • CAUTION! The panel installation distance from the floor must be at least 3 mm; the panels should not touch the floor.