Brick slips

Stegu brick tiles reflect the nature of old town houses, industrial buildings and Mediterranean architecture. Colour palette harks back to natural brick, reflecting their structural variety. They perfectly fit Scandinavian interiors, as well as minimalistic and rustic ones. Rustik, Country and Boston tiles work well when applied to a facade or a fence.

Our brick tiles are loved by trendsetters and traditionalists. They show many faces which enables them to be used in various arrangement options. Along with white, red and shades of grey.

"Design for Connoisseur" award-winning Parma brick tiles are pioneers among tiles with joint. Original white Parma enraptures with exceptionally easy and quick installation. Its counterpart among concrete tiles is Boston. Tiles for jointing require the use of Stegu construction chemicals. Country, Rustik and Loft are perfect for interior applications as well as vintage, rustic and Mediterranean architecture.