1993 – establishing operational activity as Gran-plast civil partnership (the predecessor of currently operating company). The company specialized in brick tile production (they have been a part of STEGU brand offer until this day).

1998 – expanding offer with stone tiles. Initially these were concrete products, later gypsum products were added (the first product of the series was VERONA tile). That moment decided on a dynamic growth of the company, expanding markets and offer.

2003 – the company is officially renamed to STEGU Sp. z o.o. In the same year, STEGU opens production plant in Łubniany.

2004 – commencing production in Wierzchy plant, and in 2007 – in Bogacica. Since then STEGU has had a stable position on the market.

2009 – STEGU completes the process of multi-phase investment: the construction of warehouses for finished goods, production hall and office building with a show-room. In the same year an impressive stand is set up, which looks like a Tutankhamun temple.

2010 – completing the construction of a hall for automatic production of concrete tiles

2013 – STEGU decides to refresh its brand name by introducing new logo and new visual recognition of the brand.

2013 – STEGU introduces WoodCollection – wall panels made from natural wood.

2014 – completing the construction of a hall for automatic production of gypsum tiles

2016 – STEGU introduces Hydrobox – Revolution in plant irrigation