Application instructions: Our synthetic gypsum tiles and corners are intended for indoor application only. The variation slight of size and color is due to the manufacturing process but it adds a natural look to the wall. Check the product before using it. We recommend buying tiles coming from a single manufacturing lot for the avoidance of mixing various tints. We shall not accept any complaints related to color variation between materials purchased at different times. Bond the tiles to sufficiently strong, even, dry and clean surfaces. Use the STEGU MULTIELASTIK or GIPSOLEP adhesive (see the bonding instruction provided on the adhesive package) to obtain a strong bond. If you use any other adhesive, you will be fully responsible for the result. Do not lay the tiles on surfaces hotter than 50°C or excessively humid. Coat the target surface with the STEGU primer. Take tiles from a few boxes one by one to distribute tile tints evenly. Ambient temperature during, and within 48 hours after, the application should not be lower than +5°C.

Application: Starting tiles facilitate the process of laying the tiles and must not be used as skirting boards. Before bonding the tiles, remove any dirt at the back of the tiles. Before laying the first tile, determine the level for all the highest points of the starting tile. Apply the adhesive by following the instructions provided on the adhesive package. Cut tiles to size with a wood- or metal-cutting saw. If your tiles require pointing, fill the joints with the STEGU RUSTICAL non-soiling pointing compound the adhesive has fully set by following the instructions provided on the product package. Once done, impregnate the tiles with the STEGU STONE CARE for easier tile cleaning in the future. It is best to impregnate the tiles after 14 days from the bonding. We shall not be liable for any consequences of incorrect tile application and all claims involving sizes or colors ‘as laid’ are expressly excluded.