• Before starting work, measure the room(s) carefully, calculate the area of the target surfaces and buy 10% more material than is theoretically required, with a sufficient supply of the primer, adhesive, pointing compound and impregnant.
  • If you need to install corners, purchase 5% more material than you have calculated. If you buy all the material you need at once, you can be sure the tile and joint color will be consistent.
  • The variation of colors within a single box is intentional as it adds a natural look to the façade. Take tiles from a few boxes one by one to distribute tile tints evenly.
  • Ambient temperature during, and within 48 hours after, the application should not be lower than +5oC.
  • Because some information may not apply to certain tile types, please read the instruction from the package before proceeding with your work.
  • WARNING: STEGU shall not be liable for any consequences of incorrect tile application and all claims involving sizes or colors ‘as laid’ are expressly excluded.


  • All the target surfaces should be correctly conditioned. They should be strong enough, uniformly textured, even, dry and free from any loose material, residues of paints, antiadhesive agents and grease.
  • Prime the target surface with, for instance, the STEGU PRIMER.


  • Draw BASELINE on the target surface.
  • Remove the gypsum efflorescence created by the manufacturing process using a spatula, wire brush, scrubbing brush or similar tool.
  • Start lying the tiles from corners or most prominent places, avoiding forced cuts and joints on surfaces that you want to look perfect.
  • Start the bonding from the bottom, resting the first row of tiles on the surface. If there is no even and horizontal support for tiles, mount a reference leveling screed on the wall using a mason’s level and a rule on a height not exceeding the height of a single row of tiles above the floor or ground. It is best to offset one row of tiles vs. the rows beneath and above (to avoid aligning the tiles/joints vertically).
  • Apply the POWERELASTIK or GIPSOLEP adhesive by following the instruction provided on the adhesive package.
  • You can cut tiles with a wood- or metal-cutting saw.


  • Once the adhesive is fully set, apply the joint to grooves between the tiles in accordance with the instruction printed on the joint package. Slightly concave surface of the joint will look best.
  • It is best to joint each wall in whole on the same day to ensure that the color is consistent. The joint requires at least 21 days to reach its full strength (see the instruction on the joint package).


  • Once done, impregnate the tiles with the STONE CARE for easier tile cleaning in the future. It is best to impregnate the tiles after 14 days from the bonding.