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Wall slats

LINEA series is an excellent option for the supporters of modern and timeless interior solutions. The simple form of wall slats is conducive to even the most minimalistic decorations, giving them a unique character and emphasising their originality. The slats can be an interesting alternative to other decorative elements, such as wallpapers or paint coatings. Additionally, the symmetrical, longitudinal shape of the product does not disturb the balanced aesthetics of the interior.
The collection comes in three dimensional variants. They are available as single white slats and two types of panels on an oak background – one-piece and three-piece panels. The products are made of lightweight MDF board, so they can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling. The traditional white of the slats gives lightness to expressive decorations, breaking their aggressive character at the same time. There are many ways to install it. The vertical composition will optically enlarge the interior, while the horizontal installation will make it longer.


LINEA 3: 2750 / 176 / 40 mm (netto: 2750 / 168 / 40 mm)

LINEA 1: 2750 / 64 / 40 mm (netto: 2750 / 56 / 40 mm)

LINEA SINGLE: 2750 / 28 / 37 mm

Purchasing the necessary number of wall slats from one production batch at a time guarantees repeatability of color and grain.


0.484 m2 1 pcs.
lm pcs.