• Check the product before application. Minor variations in size and colour are due to the nature of production and add to the natural appearance of the panelled surface.
  • We recommend purchasing the product from one production batch at a time to avoid shade differences. When examining customer claims, the manufacturer does not take into account the difference in colours of products purchased at different times and/or from different production batches.
  • The product should be selected from several packs at the same time for uniform shade distribution.
  • The ambient and substrate temperature during gluing and 48 hours after its completion should not be below +10° C and above +25° C.
  • Do not glue the product in high winds, during precipitation or when the glued surface is under direct sunlight.
  • The company is not responsible for the incorrect installation of the product. Size and colour complaints are not accepted after installation.


  • The product should be glued to a clean, dry, even and stable surface, free of loose coatings and residues of anti-adhesive agents.
  • First, prime the chosen surface with a STEGU PRIMER.


  • To fix the product, apply a STEGU adhesive: POWERFLEX in a compatible colour that guarantees permanent adhesion (detailed instructions on the adhesive packaging).
  • Other adhesives are used for gluing at the sole responsibility of the customer.

1. APPLYING ADHESIVE – Before starting to glue, mark out the top glue line and the side lines if appropriate. Apply the adhesive to the target gluing surface according to the instructions on the STEGU PowerFLEX adhesive packaging, using a 4 mm notched trowel.
2. LAYING PANELS – Start gluing from the top laying line. On the applied glue, press the panel firmly from the centre to the side edges, squeezing out the excess.
3. REMOVING EXCESS ADHESIVE – Before gluing the next panel, use a spatula to remove excess adhesive along the bottom edge of the previous panel to avoid contamination with glue squeezed out through the gaps when pressing down the next panel. Clean any dirt with a wet cloth or sponge immediately after squeezing out the glue.
4. CUTTING THE PANELS – Cut the panels to size using a sharp carpet knife and an angle bar. If necessary, even out the edges with sandpaper.
5. PRESSING THE PANELS WITH A ROLLER – After laying the panels over an area of 2-3 m², press down each panel one by one with a hard roller to eliminate any hollow spaces under the panels. Immediately remove any excess glue with a wet cloth or sponge to avoid contamination.
6. IMPREGNATING – We recommend impregnating the surface 14 days after completing the work with a STEGU product: ŻYWY KOLOR, making it easy to keep the product clean.