Reconstruction of DK45 – change in access to the company headquarters

Due to the reconstruction of National Road No. 45, the access to the headquarters of STEGU sp. z o. o. in Jełowa is changing, starting June 2024. At the intersection of Opolska Street (DK45) and Dworcowa Street (DW461) shuttle working with traffic lights will be introduced, in force 24 hours a day.

Access to the headquarters at 8 Dworcowa Street will be limited for passenger and freight vehicles. Please familiarize yourself with the changes in traffic organization.


From Opole: The route remains unchanged:

Remont DK-45 - dojazd z Opola dla samochodów ciężarowych

From Kluczbork: Vehicles >3.5 t will not be able to turn from Opolska Street into Dworcowa Street. It will be necessary to turn around further along DK45 (e.g., at Zajazd Leśny in Osowiec) and enter Dworcowa Street from the Opole side:

Remont DK-45 - dojazd z Opola dla samochodów ciężarowych

Detours for trucks will be marked with appropriate signs, directing to STEGU.


The entrance for cars will be completely closed. Please use the following detours:

From Opole:

Remont DK-45 - dojazd z Opola dla samochodów osobowych

From Kluczbork:

access via Starodworcowa Street:

Remont DK-45 - dojazd z Kluczborka dla samochodów osobowych

The work at the intersection of DK45 and DW461 is scheduled for completion in October 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: At the same time, renovation works are being carried out in Dąbrówka Łubniańska. Access to STEGU headquarters from Łubniany will not be possible. We recommend a detour via Kolanowice and DK45 (as above):