Stone Shine

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STONE SHINE is a white waterproof silicone-based decorative-protective impregnant designed for surface water proofing. It gives the waterproofed surfaces a unique shine effect, from pearl to crystal.

STONE SHINE is designed for the waterproofing of plaster and concrete tiles inside and outside of buildings.

Before proceeding with the works, the dry surface must be cleaned from dirt, dirtiness, oil, lubricants etc. The surfaces which will not be waterproofed, e.g. glasses, metal parts, wooden parts, polished stone etc. should be carefully secured. Mix before using. Apply once on the plaster and concrete tiles (only one layer, do not apply in a wet on wet means of application, differences in shades may occur) via a spray method. The waterproofed surfaces should be impregnated thoroughly and equally. Waterproof the tiles under dry weather without rain and in a temperature range from +5 to +25°C together with a grout at least 21 days after the completion of the works. Thoroughly wash the sprinkler after the completion of the works.

NOTE: Impregnation may change the shade of the tile. It is recommended to first make a test on an unmounted tile or in a hardly visible place to check if the color change is acceptable.

up to 10 m²  from a 1 liter package. The agent consumption depends on the absorptiveness of the waterproofed material.

The impregnant should be kept in dry rooms with a temperature between +5 up to +30°C in originally closed packaging.

12 months from the production date placed on the packaging.

P 102 – keep out of reach of children.
P280 – use protective gloves / protective clothing / eye protection / face protection