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APPLICATION: GIPSOLEP is the glue intended for cementing gypsum tiles and other facings in closed spaces. It is characterised by very good adhesion and creates a firm joint. It is especially recommended for gluing the gypsum tiles STEGU.

PREPARATION OF THE BASE: GIPSOLEP can be applied to any firm base such as: concrete, brick, silicate blocks, and plates made from cardboard and gypsum. The base must be clean and dry, and grounded, if necessary.

PREPARATION OF THE GLUE: The glue should be tempered in a clean bucket (free from any old glue residue which would cause quicker binding). Pour the glue into water (5 kg of glue to 1,6-1,9 litres of water) and mix it accurately by hand or by means of a mixer. Mix it again after approx. 2 min. The glue should be used up in 45 minutes.

GLUING: Spread the glue point-wise on the tiles edges (to a thickness of approx. 5 mm) and while pressing a tile against a wall remove the excessive glue which could obstruct joint pointing.

TOOLS: Clean bucket, mixer, and spatula for spreading the glue.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Before gluing it is necessary to perform tests in order to eliminate any unforeseen problems which could appear during the whole operation of gluing.

Efficiency: to 3,5 m2 per container.
Mixing time: approx. 2 min.
Mixing proportion: 1,6-1,9 litres of water to 5 kg of glue
Ambient temperature: 5°C – 25°C
Consumption of glue: 3 kg for 1 m2, at the average
Time of consumption: up to 45 min.
Time of preliminary binding: 8 hours
Total time of binding: 5 days

The glue is not water-resistant and frostproof.