Mollis upholstered panels catalog

They debuted at Warsaw Home in 2019, in the beginning of 2020 we presented them in Katowice at 4 Design Days. Polish interior designers Dorota Szelągowska and Tomasz Pągowski used them in their projects.

mollis® decorative upholstered panels are an innovative product line and a response to the needs of the contemporary interior design market and current trends. mollis® is an original alternative to soft wall decoration. Upholstered panels arranged on the wall give the interior a cozy and unique color vibe with a 3D effect.

mollis® collection consists of four series, including several shapes, sizes and fabrics as well as over a dozen of colors – classic beige and gray, pastel pink and blue, elegant navy and bold honey, turquoise and black.

Elements within one series can be freely mixed with each other, creating, depending on the concept, uniform and monochrome patterns or multicolored, spectacular compositions.

Get inspired by the mollis® catalog!